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Gifts Chez Janet


A Journey That Delights Our Senses

Ladurée Beauté offers us a journey between pleasure of the senses and tenderness, a journey that tells sweet and sweet stories, a journey that speaks to us of nostalgia and childhood smells that delight our senses.

Ambiance-encens-Chez Janet gifts and gourmet
Ambiance-Encens-Chez Janet gifts and gou
Collection-Caprice-Chez Janet gifts and
Collection-Pois-de-senteurChez Janet gif

A highly perfumed wax ball to hang in your closet.

Rice powder, Caprice, Arabian nights & London.

Parfum Maison Chez Janet

Perfume has many relaxing and therapeutic benefits.

Citrus fruit, floral and winter spice perfumes help calm the mind and soothe the body.

Our brains are keenly tuned into scent. An adult can distinguish 10,000 different smells and our bodies generate scent neurons every few weeks to ensure they’re in good working order.

Mimosa Room Spray 12117

Collection Mimosa.jpg

Mimosa, weightless like a wind’s caress, its delicate perfume awakens pleasure in the home like the first rays of the February sun.

50,00 €

Caprice Room Spray 9104

Collection Caprice.jpg

Ladurée imagines a sweet and soft perfume, evoking a garden full of roses in the heat of Summer. A pale and bewitching rose both delicate and voluptuous.

50,00 €

Lovely Cat Perfumed Cat 28547 

Ambiance Chat et Religieuse 2019 (9).jpg

The Beauty by Ladurée brand presents his collection of sculpted candles. A scented cat leaving on its wake from the scent gourmet and milky.

48,00 €

Flower Power Candle (limited edition) 28947

Gifts Chez Janet

Vanilla, pineapple, rose. A surprising composition – exquisite and original with a promise to invigorate. This Oolong tea, featuring a blend of mallow and cornflowers paired with notes of pineapple and grapefruit, is very delicate on the palate. Enjoy it with a pastry or cake in the afternoon. 

50,00 €

IRIS Candle (limited edition) 16208                

Collection Iris.jpg

A floral and imperceptibly sweet scent of powdered Iris and violet in a China biscuit pot with a shiny crown

50,00 €

Set of 2 mini candles Douceur & Camomille 27835

Gifts Chez Janet

Vanilla milk / Camomile

50,00 €

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