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Your Everyday Favourites

Our Classics of French pastry very well reworked and subtle original creations, composed with raw materials of superior quality: high-flying pastries which boast subtle flavours.

“Coup de Coeur” for our Classic Napoleon…

It’s our fancy way of saying ‘thank you’ … Our one or two-bite sweets, a wonderful inspiration for desserts!

“Coup de Coeur” for our Mignardises

Tarte citron meringue 

If you desire an unapologetic tart lemon dessert, look no further. Combined with a delicious meringue crust this tart is one of the finest Parisian pâtisseries

7,20 €

Paris brest 

This classic Paris-Brest is a patisserie work of art, with crispy almond-topped choux pastry encasing mounds of silky praline cream.

7,20 €

Mille feuilles renverse

Just finished the Mille-feuille, I love this version! a caramel custard and a vanilla whipped cream with Isigny crème fraîche! It brings a little lightness to the texture of the mille-feuille

7,20 €

Tarte citron

This traditional French lemon tart recipe has been a favorite in my family for years! It's made of a classic sweet tart crust and a creamy, dreamy lemon curd filling.

6,90 €

Eclair Chocolat

Choux Pastry & chocolate cream. Chocolate Eclair for all your spring holidays. This is a great one for Easter Sunday or Mother's Day! And they're all be made by big chefs in Paris !

6,90 €

Palais miroir 

Chocolate royal with cocoa mirror glaze, raspberry filling, a delight for the palate

7,20 €