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1 Cafe + 1 Croque Monsieur+ 1 Macaron= 10,70€

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Macarons Chez Janet


Maxim's Trousse Desir Chez Janet

Maxim's Trousse Desir

Maxim's Chocolates

Maxim's Chocolates Chez Janet

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From Our Customers

Katja E.

The French food and scene at this place are great. The food was so yummy. I must say the treat is worth the price.

Jean D.

In all my three years in Finland, I've hardly come across a French food place here in Helsinki whose offerings readily quench my palate. But Chez Janet surprised me with theirfoods.

Adam O.

For a moment, I felt like I was in Paris. The delicacies, the environment, and even the staff all made me at home once again in Helsinki. Thumbs up Chez Janet!

Chez Janet Helsinki

We bring you the savours, flavours and styles of France

Welcome to Chez Janet!

Your No.1 french Shop in Helsinki!

Chez Janet is a fabulous, cosy, yet exquisite French shop located in an affluent neighbourhood in Helsinki. We specialize in authentic French products making French people feel at home in Finland, and Francophiles feel for once like they are in a dreamed destination in France.

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With a wide range of French Gourmet Food, our goal is to bring you the lovely taste of Paris or Provence.

We are proud to offer you top-quality French products here in Helsinki.

Chez Janet Paris
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